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Next.js introduction Part 2

Next.js Series This is the second part of the next.js explained series. Here is the previous part. In this post, I’ll try to explain some of features and must know trick and tips you should consider while making your next.js site. Adding components in next.js Just like in react, you can create a seperate folder ... Read more

Next.js introduction Part 1

In short, next.js is a web development framework used to create react websites which are more optimized – in the sense of speed, SEO( search engine optimization ) and much more. Problem with React.js The approach react, by default uses is to load the entire website bundle to the client browser. And after that, each ... Read more

Web development: A Roadmap of 6 steps

In the simplest form, web development is the process of making functional websites / web apps. Like the one you are seeing right now, and everything you encounter in the web. While its example and applications are everywhere, to become a web developer, or to simply learn web development, there are plenty of skills you ... Read more

How HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used to make websites ?

Prerequisites Ways to create a website For an individual there are basically 3 ways to create a website. Going with each option has its own benefit. Basically Ease is inversely proportional to flexibility. Ease, in this context, refers to the pre – built utilities and functions one provides to help you build a website. Online ... Read more

What is a motherboard ? Explaining the 7 main components

Motherboard is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which basically connects important components of a computer like a RAM, CPU or used to connect other peripheral devices (external devices like floppy disk, driver etc.) to make a computer work. In this post, we’ll see all the components found on a motherboard and their functions. Like CPU ... Read more

Top 5 Best Python IDEs / Code Editors

In this article I’ll be sharing my top 5 choices for best python IDEs and editors. Now all of these choices have their different pros and cons and different use cases. And of course this list is going to be according to my opinion, so my favorite may not be yours. And I would also ... Read more