What is Machine Learning ?

Definition Why do we need machine learning ? Examples of machine learning How is machine learning different from traditional programming ? Definition Machine learning is a subdomain of Artificial intelligence and Computer Science . It is the study of ways of using data and mathematical algorithms to mimic human intelligence. In simpler words ‘using data … Read more

Python lists

python lists are very simple objects or array which store can multiple amount of data. These are ordered, changeable and allow duplicate values Ordered each of their items/elements have a specific position and can be identified by it. In the example above ‘1’ will be the 0th element, ‘2’ will be the 1st element and … Read more

Python for loop

A ‘for’ loop is command which is used to iterate over a sequence(ex. list, tuple, dictionary, set, even a string) multiple times. Lets take a look at the syntaxes of python for loop Looping through a list thus giving us the output here the ‘for’ loop goes through each element of the list (element refers … Read more

What is Computer Science ?

computer science, the study of computers and computing, including their theoretical and algorithmic foundations, hardware and software, and their uses for processing….

How websites are made ?

Prerequisites Basics You must be familiar with writing HTML code or Apache2 server. When you run your html code, the result shows up in your browser. While using apache2 service for your html code, you might recall, searching ‘localhost’, takes you to your html output. So is this a website ? Can this be accessed … Read more