scikit-learn(sklearn) tutorial. How to do linear, non-linear and multiple regression ?

Training your machine learning model can be lengthy and time consuming. While there are plenty of libraries, framework which can help you out in this case, for example – pytorch, tensorflow, keras. Scikit-learn, or simply sklearn is yet another tool you can use to do so. Why use sklearn ? But what makes sklearn so … Read more

What is a motherboard ? Explaining the 7 main components

Motherboard is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) which basically connects important components of a computer like a RAM, CPU or used to connect other peripheral devices (external devices like floppy disk, driver etc.) to make a computer work. In this post, we’ll see all the components found on a motherboard and their functions. Like CPU … Read more

What is Data science ? Definition, Applications and 5 important prerequisites

Table of content Definition 5 important prerequisites Definition Data science is a branch of Computer Science which focusses on using advanced mathematical and analytical tools and principles to extract knowledge and insight from Data for handling real life problems. Like weather prediction, spam detection, face detection etc. While many of you who have heard about … Read more

Python lists

python lists are very simple objects or array which store can multiple amount of data. These are ordered, changeable and allow duplicate values Ordered each of their items/elements have a specific position and can be identified by it. In the example above ‘1’ will be the 0th element, ‘2’ will be the 1st element and … Read more