How to create your own authentication system in MongoDB ?

Why you should make authentication system yourself ? While there are plenty of popular services (like Firebase Authentication, Auth0 etc.) which provide you a way to let users do signin / login which just a few lines of code, in my opinion , making your own authentication is much better option. The reason being same … Read more

Next.js introduction Part 1

In short, next.js is a web development framework used to create react websites which are more optimized – in the sense of speed, SEO( search engine optimization ) and much more. Problem with React.js The approach react, by default uses is to load the entire website bundle to the client browser. And after that, each … Read more

How HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used to make websites ?

Prerequisites Ways to create a website For an individual there are basically 3 ways to create a website. Going with each option has its own benefit. Basically Ease is inversely proportional to flexibility. Ease, in this context, refers to the pre – built utilities and functions one provides to help you build a website. Online … Read more