Networking modes in VirtualBox

As you might know virtualbox is type 2 hypervisor. It helps in virtualizing different operating systems on the top of our computer. It is a great way by which you can leverage different operating systems, without buying / maintaining extra hardware. And if you have already tried installing different OSes in it. You might also … Read more

What is Socket programming ? Demonstration using python

Definition of socket programming Socket programming refers to the way of establishing a connection between two different end points (nodes). These two end points are actually one of the 65,535 ports found in a computer. These ports can be found in a single computer, or could belong to two different computers. Each port specifies a … Read more

What is subnetting ?

Definition Subnetting refers to the logical division of a network by the means of the network’s IP address Purpose of subnetting Lets imagine, there is a company having 10 devices connected through a switch in a network. And now a computer A wants communicate with C. As you might know, A will send a broadcast … Read more

Network address translation (NAT)

Definition Purpose How NAT works Definition Network address translation (NAT) is technique used for mapping an IP address to many devices. Purpose As many of you might know every device today, connected to the internet , has an IP address assigned to it. The version we are currently using is version 4. So it is … Read more