CNN: Python implementation

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) is a class of artificial neural network which is specifically used for image and videos related problems. Generally image or video classification. Before jumping into how we implement CNN using python, you might wanna read about the basics of CNN first. In this tutorial we are going to use a framework … Read more

Convolutional neural network(CNN) : explaining the 5 layers of a CNN

Definition A convolutional neural network, also called ConvNet and CNN is a computer vision algorithm and is also a class of artificial neural networks. It is mainly used for detecting and classifying images. It, at the most basic level, uses pixel data of the image which is supposed to be classified. Which might immediately make … Read more

What is an Artificial Neural Network ?

Prerequisites Basics of machine learning What is deep learning Definitions An artificial neural network(ANN) is a machine learning model inspired by biological neural network, a.k.a the human/animal brain. Structure The Perceptron A perceptron is (as some of you might know) the fundamental building block of a neural network. The approach is really simple . The … Read more

What is deep learning ?

Definition of deep learning Deep learning is a type of Machine learning that tries to mimic the way humans learn by using somethings called artificial neural networks(ANN) which basically resembles the human brain. If you are having a little experience with machine learning, you might remember different kinds of model used for different purposes. Like … Read more