How to convert an MS word page into an image file ? (Easiest method)

So you have this ms word page and want you to convert it into a .jpeg or .png image, but are unable to find a solution. If so, this post is for you.

I was also once stuck in a problem like this and spent hours finding a solution. I used ms word to create a poster(and it is good at it). I struggled a lot and finally found a solution.


Here is what we will be doing :

  1. First we will be converting our ms word document, where your page is, into a pdf file.
  2. Then we print (don’t worry, not a physical one) the page which you want to convert into image into OneNote.
  3. Finally we copy this image, paste it in paint and save it as .jpeg, or .png.

So you are also going to learn how to convert a pdf page into an image.

NOTE : You need to have OneNote on your computer.

Converting ms word file into pdf

ms word page

Lets say this is the ms word page I want to save as an image.

  • First go to ‘file’.
  • Then click on ‘save as’.
  • Select the place where you want to save it, and chose the file type as ‘pdf ‘. Then click enter.

Converting pdf file into an image

  • Open the pdf file you saved. This will open in some browser you have.
  • Now either press ‘Ctrl + p’, or right click at the page you want as an image, and select ‘print’.
  • You browser will open an interface. This might be different for different search engines. For chrome, it is like
ms word pdf print
  • Chose the necessary settings, like the page no. color (b/w or colored) etc.
  • Most importantly select the destination as OneNote and click ‘print’.
  • This should open OneNote, and it would ask you for a page where you want to save it. Select and continue. This should give you an image in that OneNote page

Saving the image (final step)

one note image
  • You should now be able to get ‘copy’ option after right clicking it.
  • Finally open ms paint and paste it there.
saving image in ms paint
  • Fit the image just inside the workspace and save it.
  • You should have plenty of options including .jpeg and .png, and many more.


I agree there should have been an easier way, inside these kind of applications themselves, to do such simple kind of tasks. But Unfortunately there was a need to make this post.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. If you have any feedback or any other questions, feel free to mention that in the comments.

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