How websites are made ?


  • Networking basics
  • maybe a little experience with some things like HTML, apache etc 🙂


You must be familiar with writing HTML code or Apache2 server. When you run your html code, the result shows up in your browser. While using apache2 service for your html code, you might recall, searching ‘localhost’, takes you to your html output. So is this a website ? Can this be accessed by devices all over the world ? Well The answer is YES ! here html is the site building tool, and your computer is the server/host. This webpage can be accessed by using port forwarding. The devices in you LAN need to know your private ip and port number(here the port no. is 80 as apache2 is an HTTP server). And devices outside your LAN need to know your router’s public ip and port preserved in your router for your computer’s port 80. So what’s the problem?

Problems and solutions

Well there are 2 problems you will face. first, People who want to connect to your website need to know your IP(which is generally changing), and your port. you also need to configure a lot of port forwarding. So to eliminate that you need your own domain name. while you can configure a domain for your device in a LAN for free, to get it in the greater internet, you need to BUY it through a domain registrar, like godaddy, namecheap, hostinger etc. And second, even if you successfully made a nice website after buying a domain, you can’t expect more than 300(its still to much) successful connection that can be made to your website during a time. Apache2 can’t handle that much traffic and the site will crash. Also if you shut down your computer, the apache2 would also be closed, so people won’t be able to make connection at that time. For that you need to BUY a heavy duty server, like these.

So now you might wonder, do I need to spend thousands of dollars to make a website. Well talking about old days, YOU DID, but today, you don’t have to, fortunately, because of cloud computing. nowadays, companies like google, amazon, and ibm rent some of their unused servers through the internet. using these servers is called cloud computing or cloud storage. many companies with sole purpose of providing cloud computers have also emerged like digital ocean.

Of course its better to pay 5 to 10 dollars per month than paying thousands at once for a server.


so lets sum up the steps you need to make a website

  1. you need a site building tool to built a site. it could be done by coding, ex- html, css, javascript, or we could also use some other software like wordpress.(NOTE: these software which allows you to manage your content are called CMS(content management system). They do not require you to know any coding stuff. most of them are used for making websites like wordpress.)
  2. you need a domain name which maps your website name to your changing ip address
  3. you need a hosting platform, where your website data resides.

My advice if you are a beginner, and want your website to be big one day, start by first making your website in your local computer, then purchase a cheap hosting and domain name and migrating your website to it(migrating is nothing but transferring all your websites data to a different host, of course you don’t want to loose all your data and make another one). then if your website begins growing, and you start getting revenue by some add or something, upgrade your hosting, migrate your website again. And probably one day, buy your own server 🙂

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