scikit-learn(sklearn) tutorial. How to do linear, non-linear and multiple regression ?

Training your machine learning model can be lengthy and time consuming. While there are plenty of libraries, framework which can help you out in this case, for example – pytorch, tensorflow, keras. Scikit-learn, or simply sklearn is yet another tool you can use to do so. Why use sklearn ? But what makes sklearn so … Read more

Introduction to Linear regression

What is linear regression ? Linear regression is a machine learning technique which is used to find direct/linear relation between independent variable(s) and a dependent variable. For example how area of a land affects its price. Or imagine you are thinking to buy a laptop, so you might want to know how the price depends … Read more

The 7 steps of machine learning

As you know, machine learning involves making a system LEARN by first showing it similar data . These are the 7 crucial steps of machine learning. gathering data preprocessing data choosing a model training evaluation parameter tuning testing NOTE: everything in this article is just an overview of steps of machine learning. to get a … Read more

What is Machine Learning ?

Definition Why do we need machine learning ? Examples of machine learning How is machine learning different from traditional programming ? Definition Machine learning is a subdomain of Artificial intelligence and Computer Science . It is the study of ways of using data and mathematical algorithms to mimic human intelligence. In simpler words ‘using data … Read more