What is Computer Science ?

Definition of Computer Science

computer science is the study of computers and computing, including their theoretical and algorithmic foundations, hardware and software, and their uses for processing information. In simpler language, everything(almost) related to computers.

It basically combines principles of mathematics, science and engineering to gain knowledge and develop computer hardware, software, programs, databases and much more.

The branches of Computer Science

computer science
CS and its branches

You must have heard all these fancy words like cloud computing, data science, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Cyber security, software development and so on. Well all these are sub-fields of CS, indeed.

IS Computer science coding ?

No, computer science is not just coding, it spans more than that. While the truth is, at the most basic level, everything in computers is coding, Being familiar with ‘coding’ is almost every time required. Whether you are working at the cyber security office or somewhere else, coding will only help.

Does computer science require Math and science ?

Well that depends. If you are working at a branch of data science, you do need math, a lot. Also I must mention, good mathematics is the thing that is going to make you productive in the world of CS, While many people think its not like that( but that’s my opinion anyway). Talking about Science – physics etc, I don’t think it does most of the time. Even if you are working in a company and, let’s say making a project which will be basically helping or conducting medical research, it won’t be you , the Computer guy, who is supposed to know medical things. But yeah again, being familiar with everything will only help you in future.