What is Data science ? Definition, Applications and 5 important prerequisites

Table of content

  • Definition
  • 5 important prerequisites


Data science is a branch of Computer Science which focusses on using advanced mathematical and analytical tools and principles to extract knowledge and insight from Data for handling real life problems. Like weather prediction, spam detection, face detection etc.

While many of you who have heard about machine learning, might think this sounds familiar, but actually, machine learning is considered a sub-domain of data science.

5 Important prerequisites of Data Science

These are the 5 important things you are going to need in your journey of data science:

  • Programming knowledge- ‘NO thing can be accomplished in the field of computers without your programming knowledge’. Python and SQL are the most popular programming languages used in this case
  • Data analysis- Understanding and being able to get insight from data is the MOST IMPORTANT step. The better you understand the data, the better your project will get
  • Machine Learning- Machine learning refers to making a computer LEARN by the means of mathematic algorithms. thus the most important part of data science. If you are not familiar with what it is, refer to this article and the most basic example of machine learning.
  • Data representation skills- Where the goal of machine learning is to make a model which can be used for making prediction, data science extends it’s purpose by focusing on real life situations. in real life, if you are a data scientist and were given some task, lets say you are supposed to make a fraud mail detector for your company which is an online q&a site, your job doesn’t really ends after making the model, you also need to present it to your team. which also requires domain knowledge about your company