Who is a full stack developer ? Skills requires to become one.

What is full stack development / developer ?

Full stack development, in the context of web development refers to the complete procedure of creating a website i.e the entire process of creating a back end and a front end. Thus a full stack developer is a person who can design both back end and front end of a website.

The process of making a website can be divided into two parts : front end and back end.

What is a front end ?

Front end refers to the client side programming. It is the entire graphical interface, users interact with to do activities like requesting data etc. Just like the interface you are seeing right now is the result of front end development.

The standard way of creating the front end of a website is by using the combination of HTML, CSS and javascript.

Read the role of these three in creating the front end.

What is back end ?

The back end of a website refers to the server side programming. It deals with things like data stored by the website, how responses will be managed etc.

Some of the tools used for backend development are

  1. Python (along with frameworks like django and flask).
  2. Javascript(using Node.js)
  3. php
  4. .NET

It also includes RDBMS like SQL etc.

Workflow of Full stack

full stack development workflow

Now imagine a scenario where someone, or lets say you are are trying to login in your facebook account. The entire interface you see and are using to enter your login data is a part of front end. You might also know that almost all the webpages that exist in the internet are made with html, css and javascript

Then your request goes to the facebook server. Now the server will look at the data, check if someone named ‘joe mama’ with password ‘fingerxxd’ exists, and then redirects you to your facebook dashboard where all your data, including you posts and stories etc. are which facebook fetched from the database.

This entire process which happens at the server is a part of the back end of the website.

Skills required to become a full stack developer

Although we have mentioned many of the tools you need as a full stack developer, here is the complete list of the programming languages and skills you should know:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript
  4. Python / php / Javascript (might depend on the organization you are working in).
  5. You should know how to deploy a website on the internet using cloud services like digitalocean, aws, azure, vultr etc.
  6. Databases
  7. Basics of networking.